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SubjectRe: [RFC/Patch 2.6.11] Take control of PCI Master Abort Mode
Randy.Dunlap wrote:
> Is this related (or could it be -- or should it be) at all to the
> current discussion on the linux-pci mailing list
> about "PCI Error Recovery
> API Proposal" ?

I'm not familiar with the proposal, but this is not related to error
recovery since master aborts are a way of life on the PCI bus and things
just need to deal. The only question is how.

>> the master. This can only happen when the system is heavily loaded.
> or a PCI device isn't playing nicely?

Yes, but at least then you could blame the device in that case.

[ style and grammar comments noted ]

One thing I did fail to mention in my original post is that all of this
could be done by rc scripts from user space, but that seems unclean to me.

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