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SubjectRe: 2.6.12-rc2-mm1
> > Paulus these look like your patches care to update them with the "new"
> > method of doing stuff..
> What are we going to do about the DRM CVS? Change it to the new way
> and break everyone running 2.6.10 or earlier, or leave it at the old
> way that will work for people with distro kernels, and have a
> divergence between it and what's in the kernel?

Yet more backwards compatibility is more than likely going to be
needed, but if it is a biggie I'd be happy to drop the older 32/64-bit
stuff from CVS and make it contingent on having 2.6.11 or greater as
it is a new feature anyways and hasn't seen a release yet...

> Also, the compat_ioctl method is called without the BKL held, unlike
> the ioctl method. What impact will that have? Do we need to take the
> BKL in the compat_ioctl method?

I don't think so as the DRM has its own locking that handles most of
the issues at a higher level... I've been thinking of switching DRM to
ioctl_unlocked but I'd really want someone with an SMP system to beat
on it .. (not that the DRI has a great record on SMP anyways..)


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