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Subject[ANNOUNCE] April Release of LTP now Available

The April release of LTP is now on SourceForge.

- Fixed '-d' option to
- Added optional ltp (fivextra) extended testsuite
- Added digital signiture testcases from the security team
- Applied patch from Gernot Payer to fix, mincore01, shmget02, capset02
- Applied suggested check from Carl van_Schaik to clone02.
- Added seLinux testsuite from security team and Stephen Smalley.
- Added NFS cthon04 tests needed files.

Linux Test Project
Linux Technology Center
IBM Corporation

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IBM, 11501 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78758
Phone (512) 838-1356 - T/L 678-1356 - Bldg. 908/1C005
Austin, TX.

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