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SubjectRe: [SCSI] Driver broken in 2.6.x?
>>As told, I tested it w/o nvidia module loaded, here's what I found:
>>1. It now doesn't hang on scanning for devices.
>>2. It now hangs on acquiring preview, logs will follow.
>>Apr 3 15:54:27 techno kernel: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer
>>dereference at virtual address 0000014c
>>Apr 3 15:54:27 techno kernel: printing eip:
>>Apr 3 15:54:27 techno kernel: c03d8143
>>Apr 3 15:54:27 techno kernel: *pde = 00000000
>>Apr 3 15:54:27 techno kernel: Oops: 0000 [#1]
>>Apr 3 15:54:27 techno kernel: PREEMPT
>>Apr 3 15:54:27 techno kernel: Modules linked in: nvidia

> Still with nvidia.
> An Oops with the nvidia module loaded since the last boot is simply not
> debuggable for anyone except nvidia.
Em, there's also the same (w/o oops) with out that module, each of that
situations was separated by a reset. It was working well in 2.4.x so I
guess it'a a problem with the card's (00:0c.0 SCSI storage controller:
DTC Technology Corp. Domex 536) driver.

pozdrawiam |"Help me master, I felt the burning twilight behind|those gates of stell..." --Perihelion, Prophecy Sequence
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