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SubjectRe: [PATCH] network configs: disconnect network options from drivers
Sam Ravnborg wrote:
>>>- Move submenu to the top
>>>- Rename top menu to "Networking" and located it just before
>>>"File systems"
>>I still prefer Networking to come before Device Drivers FWIW.
>>Just makes some kind of hierarchical sense to me.
> Moved up as suggested.
>>I propose that the new file net/atm/Kconfig be sourced somewhere.
> Thanks, I have missed that one - added just before wanrouter.
>>I'll look at it more to see if I have any other comments.
> OK. I will await and post an updated patch if you do not beat me.

Here are a few more suggestions for you to consider.

- in Networking support, move Network testing and Netpoll
support to the end of the menu (basically put the devel.
tools toward the bottom of the menu)

- I would rather not "hide" Amateur Radio, IrDA, and
Bluetooth in the Networking protocols area, but have them
near 802.1x and ATM in the top-level Networking support
menu. How does that sound to you?


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