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Subject[PATCH][RFC][0/4] InfiniBand userspace verbs implementation
Here is an initial implementation of InfiniBand userspace verbs.  I
plan to commit this code to the OpenIB repository shortly, and submit
it for inclusion during the 2.6.13 cycle, so I am posting it early for

This code, in conjunction with the libibverbs and libmthca userspace
libraries available from the subversion trees at

enables userspace processes to access InfiniBand HCAs directly.

For those not familiar with the InfiniBand architecture, this
so-called "userspace verbs" support allows userspace to post data path
commands directly to the HCA. Resource allocation and other control
path operations still go through the kernel driver.

Please take a look at this code if you have a chance. I would
appreciate high-level criticism of the design and implementation as
well as nitpicky complaints about coding style and typos.

In particular, the memory pinning code in in uverbs_mem.c could stand
a looking over. In addition, a sanity check of the write()-based
scheme for passing commands into the kernel in uverbs_main.c and
uverbs_cmd.c is probably worthwhile.


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