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SubjectRe: Can't use SYSFS for "Proprietry" driver modules !!!.

On 31/3/2005, at 08:30, John Pearson wrote:
> E.g.: suppose there are 2 snack bars within 100 yards of a school; one
> is out of sight, across an intersection and down a side street, and one
> is clearly visible across an empty lot. For years the lot has been
> unfenced and, human nature being what it is, kids just walk across the
> open lot. The owner of the lot then decides to put up a high fence
> around it with a combination lock on the gate (now he's raising
> chinchillas,
> or peaches; he won't say) so all the kids start going to the other
> snackbar,
> except for a few that he trusts with the combination. It seems to me
> you're suggesting that the snackbar owner who's lost out would have
> an action for restraint of trade; I can't see it myself.

Well in Austria there is a law: if you walk through an area that is not
public and do this for a very long time years and suddenly the owner
stops you from doing this, you could sue him for stopping you doing a
usual thing.

But real life issues and software laws are more than two kind of shoes.
They are two kind of universes.

Right and Code changes always happens, some approve i some not. And
there will be always people not like it.

Fact is the kernel is a GPL thing so logically the coders want to keep
it GPL,

lg, clemens
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