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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH (1/4)] new timeofday core subsystem (v A4)
On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 15:45 -0700, john stultz wrote:
> All,
> This patch implements the architecture independent portion of
> the time of day subsystem. For a brief description on the rework, see
> here: (Many thanks to the LWN team for
> that clear writeup!)
> Mostly this version is just a cleanup of the last release. One neat
> feature is the new sysfs interface which allows you to manually override
> the selected timesource while the system is running.
> Included below is timeofday.c (which includes all the time of day
> management and accessor functions), ntp.c (which includes the ntp
> scaling calculation code, leapsecond processing, and ntp kernel state
> machine code), timesource.c (for timesource specific management
> functions), interface definition .h files, the example jiffies
> timesource (lowest common denominator time source, mainly for use as
> example code) and minimal hooks into arch independent code.
> The patch does not function without minimal architecture specific hooks
> (i386, x86-64, ppc32, ppc64, ia64 and s390 examples to follow), and it
> should be able to be applied to a tree without affecting the code.

My concern at this point is how to deal with the userland gettimofday
implementation in the ppc64 vDSO ...


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