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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC][0/4] InfiniBand userspace verbs implementation
    Roland> Does it seem reasonable to add a new system call to let
Roland> userspace mark memory it doesn't want copied into forked
Roland> processes? Something like

Roland> long sys_mark_nocopy(unsigned long addr, size_t len, int
Roland> mark)

Roland> which would set VM_DONTCOPY if mark != 0, and clear it if
Roland> mark == 0. A better name would be gratefully accepted...

Christoph> add a new MAP_DONTCOPY flag and accept it in mmap and
Christoph> mprotect?

That is much better, thanks. But I think it would need to be
PROT_DONTCOPY to work with mprotect(), right?

- R.

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