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    SubjectRe: Git-commits mailing list feed.
    On Sat, 2005-04-23 at 16:30 +0200, Jan Dittmer wrote:
    > > LASTRELEASE=`ls -rt .git/tags | grep -v git | grep -v MailDone | tail -1`
    > My .git/tags is empty. At least 2.6.12-rc3 is not tagged so I wasn't sure
    > how to extract the latest release from the git tree.
    > ketchup was the most comfortable way.

    Nah, asking Linus to tag his releases is the most comfortable way.

    mkdir .git/tags
    echo 1da177e4c3f41524e886b7f1b8a0c1fc7321cac2 > .git/tags/2.6.12-rc2
    echo a2755a80f40e5794ddc20e00f781af9d6320fafb > .git/tags/2.6.12-rc3


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