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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.12-rc3

> > Nice, so I now have my own -git tree, with two changes in it...
> >
> > Is there way to say "git diff -r origin:" but dump it patch-by-patch
> > with some usable headers?
> >
> > [Looking at git export]
> Either Linus' demo git-export (NOT the same as git export!), or git
> patch. In the latest tree, it was extended to accept a range of two
> commits to process too.
> Note that the range semantics is rather peculiar at the least. ;-)

Nice, it seems to work.

Unfortunately first merge will make it practically unusable :-(.

git diff -r origin:

will only list differences between my tree and Linus'.

git patch origin:

will list my patches, plus any merges I done... Is there any
reasonable way to get only "my" changes? When I do not have to resolve
anything during merge, it should be usable... but that is starting to
look ugly.


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