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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.12-rc3

> > > You should put this into .git/remotes
> > >
> > > linus rsync://
> (git addremote is preferred for that :-)

Nice, so I now have my own -git tree, with two changes in it...

Is there way to say "git diff -r origin:" but dump it patch-by-patch
with some usable headers?

[Looking at git export]

Index: Documentation/git.txt
--- /dev/null (tree:9120479b4c721855b378db8907e1259f2e583f2b)
+++ 007d34e2ed3d5fc54cbb4c16880145ade93affef/Documentation/git.txt (mode:100644 sha1:939d378ddaac5390c879520c139e66d9649ec4c4)
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+ Kernel hacker's guide to git
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ 2005 Pavel Machek <>
+You can get git at . Compile it,
+and place it somewhere in $PATH. Then you can get kernel by running
+git init rsync://
+... Run git log to get idea of what happened in tree you are
+tracking. Do git pull linus to pickup latest changes from Linus. You
+can do git diff to see what changes you done in your local tree. git
+cancel will kill any such changes.
+You can commit changes by doing git commit... If you want to get diff
+of your changes against mainline, do
+git diff -r origin:
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