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SubjectRe: GPL violation by CorAccess?

> > I have seen a device by CorAccess which apparently uses Linux and didn't find
> > anything that would suggest it complies to GPL, though I had access to the
> > complete shipping package. Does anyone know about known cause of violation by
> > this company or should I investigate further?
> Well what is the case if you use unmodified GPL code, do you still have
> to provide sources to the end user if you give them binaries? I would
> guess yes, but IANAL.
> As far as I can tell their system is a geode GX1 so runs standard x86
> software. Maybe they didn't have to modify any of the linux kernel to
> run what they needed. Their applications are their business of course.
> It looks like they use QT as the gui toolkit, which I don't off hand
> know the current license conditions of. Then there is the web browser
> and such, which has it's own license conditions. Of course for all I
> know their user manual has an offer of sending a CD with the sources if
> you ask. Does anyone actually have their product that could check for
> that?

QT is GPLed, IIRC. Not LGPL-ed, meaning you can't link it with
proprietary application without license from trolltech.
Boycott Kodak -- for their patent abuse against Java.
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