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Subject[Patch] Staircase cpu scheduler v11
The staircase single priority array foreground/background cpu scheduler has 
been updated to version 11.

Numerous minor behavioural issues have been abolished with a much cleaner
simple mathematical priority elevation/dropping mechanism and virtually no
"interactivity estimation" algorithms exist in the design. Behaviour across
all loads appears to have been improved with this.

Worst case latencies have been much improved with in-kernel work on behalf of
user processes being debited from the user processes.

Lots of micro-optimisations were added and throughput has improved.

All forms of gaming and audio issues appear to have been abolished.

A rolled up patch for 2.6.11 is here:

and an incremental from 2.6.11-ck4 to staircase 11 is here:

The next -ck release will use this as its base.

Thanks to all the people testing this work and giving feedback.

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