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SubjectDisk output lockup amd64 nforce4 device-mapper 2.6.12_rc2
During heavy io-load a lockup occurs that appears to prevent any disk
output from taking place. fs is reiserfs on two device-mapper mirrored
200G maxtor disks. After the lockup occurs you can to things like 'ls',
but echo > test.txt will hang.

A typical workload producing the error is doing:
rsync of large (1GB) over 100Mbit ethernet
simultaneous compilation / gunzip

I've disabled preemption, and tried with and without acpi enabled, with
and without smp support (it was smp by default so i switched it off).
Also tried with another nic (rtl8139) since i got an nv_stop_tx:
TransmitterStatus remained busy<6> in the logs. I also tried
with the same result.

This produces the lockup after 10-40 minutes. I've got a complete log
from alt-sysreq-T if anyone wants to look at it. The following is a dump
for the bash and kmirrord process when trying echo > test.txt.
The output for kmirrord is included because it's exactly as specified
below both before and after echo > test.txt is invoked, this looked
peculiar to me.

Later runs showed what was to my eyes similar results, some callpaths
weren't exactly the same, but kmirrord was somewhere in mempool_alloc
and the bash process was in do_journal_end, whatever that means :)

bash D ffffc2000038e000 0 6529 6381 (NOTLB)
ffff81003dfc1bd8 0000000000000086
0000000000000000 ffff810001b6ba60
6db6db6db6db6db7 ffffffff801acc46
ffff810001b6ba98 ffff81003d8c27e0
00000000000027cd ffffffff805a61c0

Call Trace:
<ffffffff801acc46>{__d_lookup+358} <ffffffff801ff133>{queue_log_writer+115}

kmirrord/0 D ffff81003f1bccd8 0 978 9 1731 977 (L-TLB)
ffff81003f931ab8 0000000000000046
0000000000000200 ffffffff8016a2d6
ffff810036d18e80 0000000000000001
000000733f931c30 ffff81003f8d4030
000000000000952e ffff810036cf67e0

Call Trace:
<ffffffff80164e23>{mempool_alloc+707} <ffffffff80413250>{bvec_get_page+0}
<ffffffff801537ed>{kthread+205} <ffffffff80153830>{keventd_create_kthread+0}
<ffffffff8010eb1f>{child_rip+8} <ffffffff80153830>{keventd_create_kthread+0}

/Mikael Andersson
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