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SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove some usesless casts
On Wed, 20 April 2005 16:20:10 +0100, Phillip Lougher wrote:
> Jörn Engel wrote:
> >Squashfs is extremely cast-happy. This patch makes it less so.
> Thanks for the patch. Unnecessary casts were one of the things
> mentioned when I submitted the patches to the LKML, and therefore I
> suspect most of them have been already fixed (but I will apply your
> patch to check).

Your definition of _unnecessary_ casts may differ from mine.
Basically, every cast is unnecessary, except for maybe one or two - if
that many.

> I will send revised patches to the LKML soon, most of the issues raised
> by the comments have been fixed, the current delay is being caused by
> the 4GB limit re-work.

There are three more patches in my queue, which I'll send after first
coffee or so. After those I'll ignore squashfs for a while (until you
send current code or so).


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