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Subjecti830 lockup

I am developing a device driver for the AxiomTek AX5621H data
acquisition card, and I am encountering some problems on a particular
machine. This driver works pretty fine on normal machines, but crashes
on an Industrial PC with intel 830 2-piece board (with the main board
going into a PCI and an ISA slot on the expansion board(which houses
all the PCI, ISA and AGP slots) at the same time. The error I get is
given below :

CPU 0 : Machine Check Exception : 0000000000000004
Bank 0 : a200000084010400
Kernel panic : CPU context corrupt
In interrupt handler - not syncing

The DMA channel I use is DMA1, and i check for free interrupts and then
allocate them accordingly. So there is no conflicts, I assume. Also there
are no conflicts on the address range I have allocated (It is for now
0x300). The card supports only DMA channels 1 and 3. I have tried both, to
the same result. If anyone among you have had experience with such a
problem, any help in fixing this matter would be of great help.

Thank You.
Harish Harshan.

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