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Subject[PATCH] fix aic7xxx_osm.c compile failure (gcc 2.95.x only)
I get this compile error on linux-2.6 head
9d469ee9f21c680c41dbffe5b0f36ab5010ca8b1, but only with gcc 2.95.3, not
gcc 3.4.3:

CC [M] drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.o
drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c: In function `ahc_linux_init':
drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c:3608: parse error before `int'
drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c:3609: `rc' undeclared (first use in
this function)
drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c:3609: (Each undeclared identifier is
reported only once
drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c:3609: for each function it appears
drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c: At top level:
drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c:744: warning: `ahc_linux_detect'
defined but not used
make[3]: *** [drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [drivers/scsi/aic7xxx] Error 2
make[1]: *** [drivers/scsi] Error 2
make: *** [drivers] Error 2

This patch fixes the compile error. I've compile-tested this but I
haven't actually run it.

Signed-off-by: Barry K. Nathan <>

--- linux-2.6.12-rc2-9d469ee9f21c680c41dbffe5b0f36ab5010ca8b1-bkn2/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c 2005-04-19 00:46:11.666064007 -0700
+++ linux-2.6.12-rc2-9d469ee9f21c680c41dbffe5b0f36ab5010ca8b1-bkn3/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7xxx_osm.c 2005-04-19 06:23:00.099780019 -0700
@@ -3602,10 +3602,12 @@
+ int rc;
ahc_linux_transport_template = spi_attach_transport(&ahc_linux_transport_functions);
if (!ahc_linux_transport_template)
return -ENODEV;
- int rc = ahc_linux_detect(&aic7xxx_driver_template);
+ rc = ahc_linux_detect(&aic7xxx_driver_template);
if (rc)
return rc;
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