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SubjectRe: [RFC] FUSE permission modell (Was: fuse review bits)
On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Eric Van Hensbergen wrote:
> On 4/19/05, Bodo Eggert <> wrote:

> > Allowing user mounts with no* should be allways ok (no config needed
> > besides the ulimit), and mounting specified files to defined locations
> > is allready supported by fstab.
> >
> Do folks think that the limits should be per-user or per-process for
> user-mounts, what about separate limits for # of private namespaces
> and # of mounts?


> The fstab support doesn't seem to provide enough flexibility for
> certain situations, say I want to support mounting any remote file
> system, as long as its in the user's private hierarchy?

The dir is owned by the user, therefore it's allowed with no*.
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