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    SubjectRe: x86-64 bad pmds in II
    On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 11:27:12AM -0700, Chris Wright wrote:
    > * Andi Kleen ( wrote:
    > > > I will take a closer look at the rc1/rc2 patches later this evening
    > > > and see if I can spot something. Can only report back tomorrow though.
    > >
    > > Actually itt started in .11 already - sigh - on rereading the thread.
    > > That will make the code audit harder :/
    > Yes, I've seen it in .11 and earlier kernels. Happen to have same
    > "x86_64" string on my bad pmd dumps, but can't reproduce it at all.
    > So, for now, I can hold off on adding the reload cr3 patch to -stable
    > unless you think it should be there anyway.

    It is a bug fix (actually there is another related patch that fixes
    a similar bug), but we lived with the problems for years so I guess
    they can wait for .12.

    If there was a fix for the bad pmd problem it might be a candidate
    for stable, but so far we dont know what causes it yet.

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