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    SubjectServerworks LE and MTRR write-combining question


    I'd like to begin by humbly thanking everyone who works on the kernel
    for their time and patience and energy. Without you my company would
    have had to spend a lot more on software and gotten nowhere near as much
    value in return!

    I have a question regarding my motherboard's serverworks LE chipset and
    MTRR write-combining.
    /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/kernel/cpu/mtrr/main.c will not allow
    write-combining because of the potential for data corruption,
    but according to the following old LKML post, this is only true for
    certain old revisions of the motherboard:

    This person even submitted a patch which looked like it was going to be
    accepted, but nothing happened after that. I checked the output of lspci
    and my revision (06) was the first one where the fix was included,
    according to this person's post. I therefore disabled the check and
    recompiled my kernel (2.6.12-rc2-mm3, which is noticeably faster than
    the default fedora core 3 kernel, with nearly the same configuration). X
    was able to setup a write-combining range (I had to disable one that was
    setup already but it didn't seem to affect anything else) and I've been
    working over four hours (wow!) without any corruption or lockups. Just
    wondering if anyone had any updates on this issue, and if not, hey,
    that's why the source is there -- for me to screw around with. ;)

    Mike Russo
    ReadQ Systems, Inc.
    (212) 425 3680 x105

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