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SubjectRe: Kernel SCM saga.. (bk license?)
On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Kedar Sovani wrote:
>I was wondering if working on git, is in anyway, in violation of the
>Bitkeeper license, which states that you cannot work on any other SCM
>(SCM-like?) tool for "x" amount of time after using Bitkeeper ?

Technically, yes, it is. However, as BitMover has given the community
little other choice, I don't see how they could hold anyone to it. They'd
have a hard time making that 1year clause stick given their abandonment
of the free product and refusal to grant licenses to OSDL employees.

Plus, there's nothing in the bkl specifically granting BitMover the
right to revoke the license and thus use of BK/Free at their whim.
They have every right to stop developing, supporting, and distributing
BK/Free, but recending all BK/Free licenses just for spite does not
appear to be within their legal rights.

(Sorry Larry, but that's what you're doing. Tridge was working on taking
your toys apart -- he does that, what can I say. He explicitly lied and
said he would stop, but of course didn't. And then you got all pissed
at OSDL for not smiting him when, technically, they can't -- an employer
is not responsible for the actions of their employees on their own time,
on their own property, unrelated to their employ. Sorry, but I know that
one by heart :-))


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