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SubjectRE: Digi Neo 8: linux-2.6.12_r2 jsm driver
Wendy and I released under the GPL, and as such, I know legally you have
the right
to modify the code the way you see fit.

However, when the copyright holder says "No, please don't add that
and gives *GOOD* reasons why, you should respect that decision.

So if I don't sign off on this change, does the matter?

If not, what good is having the sign off section for patches that must
go through the maintainer?

I would have no problem submitting the other driver (DGNC) for kernel
and have tried repeatedly in the past.

However, I am NOT willing to strip out many of the features our
(and as such, your USERS) want, which is what happened with the JSM

> There are people who just want the card supported. There's no reason
> to deny the driver to them.

Oh, it *is* supported, using our GPL'ed DGNC driver available on our
ftp/web site.

This is not some argument of closed binaries versus open source
As both the JSM and DGNC drivers are completely open source and GPL'ed.

This is about having the users of this card end up
getting a worse experience by using the JSM driver.

However, in case it actually matters, (which I know it won't),

"I, Scott Kilau, *DO NOT* sign off on this patch to the JSM driver".

Scott Kilau
Digi International
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