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    SubjectRe: 2.6.12-rc2-mm3
    On Monday 11 April 2005 04:25, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > - The anticipatory I/O scheduler has always been fairly useless with SCSI
    >   disks which perform tagged command queueing.  There's a patch here from Jens
    >   which is designed to fix that up by constraining the number of requests
    >   which we'll leave pending in the device.
    >   The depth currently defaults to 1.  Tunable in
    >   /sys/block/hdX/queue/iosched/queue_depth
    >   This patch hasn't been performance tested at all yet.  If you think it is
    >   misbehaving (the usual symptom is processes stuck in D state) then please
    >   report it, then boot with `elevator=cfq' or `elevator=deadline' to work
    >   around it.
    > - More CPU scheduler work.  I hope someone is testing this stuff.

    Something is not quite right here. I built rc2-mm3 and booted (uni processor, amd64, preempt on).
    mm3 lasted about 30 mins before locking up with a dead keyboard. I had mm2 reboot a few times
    over the last couple of days too.

    11-mm3 uptime of 2 weeks+
    12-rc2-mm2 reboots once every couple of days
    12-rc2-mm3 locked up within 30 mins using X using kmail/bogofilter

    My serial console does not seem to want to work. Has anything changed with this support?

    Ed Tomlinson

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