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SubjectRe: security issue: hard disk lock
Hi Alan!

Thanks for the info

Am Montag 11. April 2005 17:36 schrieb Alan Cox:
> It makes little difference as the attacker can replace the kernel and
> reboot.
> Anyway they can flash erase your video card bios, your IDE firmware,
> your BIOS
> and far more just as easily.

Yes, but a new video-card or Motherboard can be easily bought (although it
costs), but the data on a locked disk is lost forever, unless you pay for
professional recovery (which is also a time-issue, if time critical data is
stored on the disk). Of course, this can be solved with a good backup

I agree with you though, that this really isn't a kernel issue, but a BIOS
thing. Distributors should/could provide additional security by freezing the
security-features early during boot, until BIOS vendors do their homework.


PS: Still not on the list, so please CC me in an eventual reply.
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