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SubjectRe: 2.6.12-rc2-mm2
On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 12:48:34AM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> kernel-rcupdatec-make-the-exports-export_symbol_gpl.patch
> add-deprecated_for_modules.patch
> add-deprecated_for_modules-fix.patch
> deprecate-synchronize_kernel-gpl-replacement.patch
> deprecate-synchronize_kernel-gpl-replacement-fix.patch
> change-synchronize_kernel-to-_rcu-and-_sched.patch
> Please drop these patches.

Please keep them!

> Using these symbols in non-GPL modules is a legal problem at least in
> the USA except for IBM,

Again, based on what line of reasoning? Again, the obvious lines
of reasoning do not apply.

> and all we've heard from IBM is that they are
> not 100% sure that there is really no binary-only module by IBM that
> might use these symbols.

From my earlier message (

Agreed, in that I know of no binary module that uses RCU. However,
I cannot -prove- that there is no such module.

IOW, I am also not 100% sure that there is really no binary-only module
using these symbols by -anyone-, including someone -other- than IBM.
In addition, I know of no way that -anyone- could possibly be 100% sure
that there is really no binary-only module using symbols. Hence the
approach of providing the year "grace period" before transitioning to

> The risk of anyne using them only increases (no matter that it's marked
> as deprecated) as long as it's available - and nobody has until now
> claimed that he's actually using one pf them in a binary-only module.

I am not convinced that the risk of usage increases significantly.
However, even if someone does start using them in a binary module, they
will have been warned. Yes, someone could possibly ignore the warning.
They -still- will have been warned, so that any "damage" would be
self-inflicted. Therefore, as noted earlier, the symbol transitions
to EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL() one year after its inclusion, regardless of any
people who ignored warnings.

Thanx, Paul

> cu
> Adrian
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