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    SubjectCode snippet to reconstruct ancestry graph from bk repo
    Replying to Roman Zippel:
    > the "nitty-gritty" I was "whining" about and which is not available via
    > bkcvs or bkweb and it's the most crucial information to make the bk data
    > useful outside of bk. Larry was previously very clear about this that he
    > considers this proprietary bk meta data and anyone attempting to export
    > this information is in violation with the free bk licence, so you indeed
    > just took the important parts and this is/was explicitly verboten for
    > normal bk users.

    (borrowed from Tommi Virtanen)

    Code snippet to reconstruct ancestry graph from bk repo:
    bk changes -end':I: $if(:PARENT:){:PARENT:$if(:MPARENT:){ :MPARENT:}} $unless(:PARENT:){-}' |tac

    format is:
    newrev parent1 [parent2]
    parent2 present if merge occurs.

    Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff Jr // <- my pgp key
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