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SubjectRe: unregister_netdevice(): negative refcnt, suggest patch against 2.6.11
* Felix M. Palmen <> [20050410 11:16]:
> So I assume there is a problem in the appletalk code, but I didn't try
> reproducing that on other systems so far.

I've now tested this issue on a vanilla kernel. I only applied
my own patch from the previous post so that I am able to shut down the
computer cleanly. So I did the following:

- boot
- create a tap device with 'openvpn --mktun --dev tap0'
- create /etc/netatalk/atalkd.conf with a single line 'tap0'
- launch atalkd, wait.
- stop atalkd.
- destroy tap device with 'openvpn --rmtun --dev tap0'

refcnt was -256, very strange.

Would you consider my patch harmful? I intend using it for now, because
otherwise, my system won't shut down cleanly any more...

Greets, Felix

PS: Please CC replies to me.

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