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Subject[ANNOUNCE] git-pasky-0.2

here goes git-pasky-0.2, my set of patches and scripts upon
Linus' git, aimed at human usability and to an extent a SCM-like usage.

If you already have a previous git-pasky version, just git pull pasky
to get it. Otherwise, you can get it from:

Please see the README there and/or the parent post for detailed
instructions. You can find the changes from the last announcement
in the ChangeLog (releases have separate commits so you can find them
easily; they are also tagged for purpose of diffing etc).

This is release contains mostly bugfixes, performance enhancements
(especially w.r.t. git diff), and some merges with Linus (except for
diff-tree, where I merged only the new output format). New features
are trivial - support for tagging and short SHA1 ids; you can use
only the start of the SHA1 hash long enough to be unambiguous.

My immediate plan is implementing git merge, which I will do tommorow,
if noone will do it before that is. ;-)

Any feedback/opinions/suggestions/patches (especially patches) are

Have fun,

Petr "Pasky" Baudis
98% of the time I am right. Why worry about the other 3%.
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