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    SubjectRe: Free Linux-like kernel sources for x86-64
    Reminds me of something, but can't find what... Gee... Is it really that old


    Paul Rolland, rol(at)
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    > -----Message d'origine-----
    > De :
    > [] De la part de Dave Jones
    > Envoyé : vendredi 1 avril 2005 10:00
    > À :
    > Objet : Free Linux-like kernel sources for x86-64
    > Do you pine for the nice days of Linux-1.1, when men were men
    > and wrote
    > their own device drivers? Are you without a nice project and
    > just dying
    > to cut your teeth on a OS you can try to modify for your
    > needs? Are you
    > finding it frustrating when everything works on Linux? No more all-
    > nighters to get a nifty program working? Then this post might be just
    > for you :-)
    > I'm working on a free version of a Linux-lookalike for x86-64
    > computers.
    > It has finally reached the stage where it's even usable
    > (though may not be
    > depending on what you want), and I am willing to put out the
    > sources for wider
    > distribution. It is just version 0.02 (+1 (very small) patch
    > already), but
    > I've successfully run bash/gcc/gnu-make/gnu-sed/compress etc under it.
    > Sources for this pet project of mine can be found at
    > The directory also contains some README-file and a couple of
    > binaries to work under
    > Davix[*] (bash, update and gcc, what more can you ask for :-).
    > Full kernel source is provided. The system is able to
    > compile "as-is" and
    > has been known to work. Heh.
    > Sources to the binaries (bash and gcc) can be found at the
    > same place in
    > /pub/software/.
    > ALERT! WARNING! NOTE! These sources still need Linux to be compiled
    > (and gcc-4.0, possibly 3.x, haven't tested), and you need Linux to
    > set it up if you want to run it, so it is not yet a standalone system
    > for those of you without Linux. I'm working on it. You also need to be
    > something of a hacker to set it up (?), so for those hoping for an
    > alternative to Linux-x86-64, please ignore me. It is
    > currently meant for
    > hackers interested in operating systems and x86-64's with
    > access to Linux.
    > The system needs an AT-compatible harddisk (IDE is fine) and
    > EGA/VGA. If
    > you are still interested, please ftp the README/RELNOTES,
    > and/or mail me
    > for additional info.
    > I can (well, almost) hear you asking yourselves "why?". Hurd will be
    > out in a year (or two, or next month, who knows), and I've already got
    > Linux. This is a program for hackers by a hacker. I've
    > enjouyed doing
    > it, and somebody might enjoy looking at it and even modifying it for
    > their own needs. It is still small enough to understand, use and
    > modify, and I'm looking forward to any comments you might have.
    > I'm also interested in hearing from anybody who has written any of the
    > utilities/library functions for Linux. If your efforts are freely
    > distributable (under copyright or even public domain), I'd
    > like to hear
    > from you, so I can add them to the system. I'm using Ulrich
    > Dreppers glibc
    > right now (thanks for a nice and working system Uli), and
    > similar works
    > will be very wellcome. Your (C)'s will of course be left
    > intact. Drop me
    > a line if you are willing to let me use your code.
    > Davej
    > [*] Yes, the name sucks, but its all some other guys fault.
    > -
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