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SubjectRe: [RFD] 'nice' attribute for executable files
Horst von Brand wrote:
> Even better: Write a C wrapper for each affected program that just renices
> it as needed.

I suggest to implement scalable solution, so the final user wont't have
to write separate wrapper for *each* program. universal wrapper is
better solution, but (now i know, that implementing something that can
be dangerous if used incorrectly is so evil, that only the devil could
have proposed it) it forces use of database (that normally would be kept
in filesystem's file metadata) and if some-malicious-person would have
accessed it in write mode (as result of wrong file permissions), the
system performerance would be in danger. in my solution, there is
per-file attribute, accessible only for root, and if hacker has root
permissions, existence of nice attribute is meaningless.

May the Source be with you.
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