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SubjectRe: [RFD] 'nice' attribute for executable files
Måns Rullgård wrote:
> So you are proposing the addition of a per-file attribute, with
> restricted access, and potentially dangerous effects if set
> incorrectly. This, combined with the fact that is unlikely to receive
> much testing, all speaks against it.

Almost every attribute can be dangerous if set incorrectly. Bot it is
really no problem - simply let's turn to fat12 as root filesystem, and
no attribute will be dangerous any more... See that acl-s also are not
used for every file, only for some files, ones of thousands files in the
filesystem. They are not set and reset every ten minutes - they are set
one time and used, used and used. The same applies to nice attribute. Is
it dangerous to not modify attribute all the time? And why restricted
access is riskfull and evil? If restriction of sccess makes system more
vurnable to attacks, maybe the good solution will be to set 755
attributes on enery inode (expecially /etc/shadow) - then everyone will
be able to do everything and system as whole will be more secure...

I really don't catch your mind.

May the Source be with you.
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