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Subject[announce 0/7] fbsplash - The Framebuffer Splash
Fbsplash - The Framebuffer Splash - is a feature that allows displaying
images in the background of consoles that use fbcon. The project is
partially descended from bootsplash.

Unlike bootsplash, fbsplash has no in-kernel image decoder. Picture
decompression is handled by a userspace helper which provides raw image
data to the kernel. There is also no support for things like the silent
mode and progress bars, as these are best handled by userspace programs.

Truecolor, directcolor and pseudocolor modes are supported. Fbsplash has
no dependency on a specific framebuffer driver. It has been tested with
at least vesafb, rivafb and radeonfb.

Technical details about the userspace<->kernelspace interface can be
found in patch 07/07, which contains the documentation.

The userspace utilities that make use of fbsplash can be found on:

Live long and prosper.
Michal 'Spock' Januszewski Gentoo Linux Developer
cell: +48504917690
JID: freenode: #gentoo-dev, #gentoo-pl

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