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SubjectRe: Vanilla kernel >=2.4.28-rc2 incompatibility with ADSL modem Dlink DSL-G300+
Pedro Larroy wrote:


>>I tried changing the wiring, I swapped the ethernet ports the LAN and
>>ADSL modem where connected to, I swapped the modem with an identical one
>>from a colleague of mine, I upgraded to kernel 2.4.29 all to no avail.
>> I then tried the 2.4.28-rc{1,2,3} kernels, and I found the 2.4.28-rc1
>>not to exhibit the problem, that manifests itself on the 2.4.28-rc{2,3}
>> The problem is sparc-specific, a PC with the very same configuration
>>(Debian stable, plain vanilla kernels etc.) did not suffer any
>>connection drops.

I forgot to mention: as I was suggested to do by other people, I
changed the settings of the two parameters:


This did not help, though.

> I have seen similar problems due to high sequence numbers on the tcp
> packets on some adsl routers. Took a while to discover that since the
> connection misteriously ceased to work from some boxes after some time
> transmitting data ok. Looks like some manufacturers such as efficient
> networks adsl routers, doesn't follow the standards.
> I'd suggest running tcpdump and doing some observation.

Thank you for your reply, I'll do as you suggested.

Alessandro Selli
Tel: 340.839.73.05
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