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For those of you who haven't waded through the huge "RFD: Kernel release
numbering" thread on lkml to realize that we are now going to start
putting out 2.6.x.y releases, here's the summary:

A few of us $suckers will be trying to maintain a 2.6.x.y set of
releases that happen after 2.6.x is released. It will contain
only a set of bugfixes and security fixes that meet a strict set
of guidelines, as defined by Linus at:

Chris Wright and I are going to start working on doing this work, we
will have a <SOME_ALIAS> to post these types of bug fixes to,
and a set of people we bounce the patches off of to test for "smells
good" validation. We will also have a bk-commits type mailing list for
those who want to watch the patches flow in, and a bk tree from which
changsets can be pulled from.

Chris and I will be hashing all of the details out next Tuesday, and
hopefully all the infrastructure will be in place soon. When that
happens, we will post the full details on how all of this is going to
work. In the meantime, feel free to CC: me and Chris on patches that
everyone thinks should go into the 2.6.11.y releases.

But right now, Chris is on a plane, and we don't have the email alias
set up, or the proper permissions set up on to push changes
into the v2.6 directory, but we have a few bugs that are needing to be
fixed in the 2.6.11 release. And since our mantra is, "release early
and often", here's the first release.


I've released the patch:

With a detailed changelog at:

A bitkeeper tree for the 2.6.11.y releases can be found at:

The diffstat and short summary of the fixes are below.

I'll also be replying to this message with a copy of the patch itself,
as it is small enough to do so.


greg k-h


Makefile | 2 +-
drivers/input/serio/i8042-x86ia64io.h | 6 +++---
drivers/md/raid6altivec.uc | 4 ++++
3 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Summary of changes from v2.6.11 to v2.6.11.1

Dmitry Torokhov:
o Fix keyboards for Dell machines

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o Linux

Olof Johansson:
o Fix for trivial fix for 2.6.11 raid6 compilation on ppc w/ Altivec

Rene Rebe:
o trivial fix for 2.6.11 raid6 compilation on ppc w/ Altivec

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