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SubjectFollowup: PROBLEM: Kernel bug at tg3.c:2456
Sergio Chiesa wrote:

> 7.7.
> Well, it seems that with the original onboard raid controller the bug
> didn't trigger... the controller was swapped with the lsi logic by my
> supplier because it fails badly with raid-5 arrays (hw/fw related issue)
> I also tried the original broadcom driver version 7.3.5 with similar
> results...

I made some tests again, switching back to the onboard dual aic7902 scsi
controller (non raid) the tg3 dont hung anymore.
I just noticed the IRQ mappings change between the two settings.
The Broadcom eth get always the IRQ #25, the two onboard scsi controllers
get #24 and #25 (shared with the eth, is it harmful??) but the megaraid
driver gets the IRQ #28

I think it is something IRQ related because if the eth hungs but the kernel
is still running I see more than 140000 irq per second with "vmstat".

Hope it helps better!

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