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SubjectRe: linux-libc-headers scsi headers vs libc scsi headers
On czwartek 31 marzec 2005 09:45, DervishD wrote:
> The fact is that, in the past, I've used kernel headers older
> than my running kernel for building glibc and my system worked
> seamlessly (although I don't use bleeding edge features, you know),
> but I don't want to take risks.

You risk nothing. APIs in linux change incrementally and if kernel hackers do
want to drop support for an api, they're very vocal about it and it doesn't
concern stuff that can blow up your computer (see oss vs. alsa).

> I don't know which set of headers will work, and in fact I don't
> know if I must follow 'Linux From Scratch' advice and use raw kernel
> headers for building glibc and LLH headers for any other thing. I
> think I probably will use the LLH headers (including scsi) for
> everything since glibc passes the 'make check' doing that... If I
> screw my system badly, I have lotsa backups at hand.

Like I've said, you're unable to break your system this way. And I don't see
any point in LFS suggesting using raw kernel headers to compile glibc (no you
*can't* screw up your system by using llh unless I specifically switch ioctls
so apps remove files instead of opening them; I just can't see any
possibility to do it by accident).

And I'll add an entry to the llh FAQ to clear this matter up.

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