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SubjectRe: Accessing data structure from kernel space
linux lover <> wrote:

> I successfully added linked list data structure
> in kernel in header file. Write a C source file and
> add it to kernel directory. then write 2 system calls
> that read and write to linked list from user space
> through that syscalls.
> recompile kernel. Now able to read/write that
> linked list.
> I want to write user data in that linked list
> and allow kernel to use that info in linked list. Is
> my approach to send data from user to kernel and
> store there as long as OS is not rebooted is right?

- A linked list is bad for random access to large amounts of data.
Why is a linked list suitable for your data?
- Did you think about SMP races?
- Why does it need to be in the kernel? Could a daemon do the job?
- to be continued
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