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SubjectRe: vfat: why is shortname=lower the default?
OGAWA Hirofumi wrote:

>Xuân Baldauf <> writes:
>>Why is shortname=lower the default mount option for vfat filesystems?
>>Because, with "shortname=lower", copying one FAT32 filesystem tree to
>>another FAT32 filesystem tree using Liux results in semantically
>>different filesystems. (E.g.: Filenames which were once "all
>>uppercase" are now "all lowercase").
>The reason is only it's very long-standing behavior. When this
>behavior was changed before, it seems an one user was confused at
>Personally I agree that "winnt" or "mixed" is proper.
>However, if we want to change the default behavior, it would need to
>be tested for some months, and if anyone has no objection it can
>change I think.
One could make a slow transition, starting now with a warning like
"vfat: warning: You are using "shortname=lower" as default. This may not
be what you want. This default will change to "shortname=mixed" after
2005-07-01." if the shortname behaviour is not explicitly selected.

Xuân. :-)

P.S.: I'm now trying to recover about 4M files from "lost case"...

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