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SubjectCall chain analysis

I'm running into an IRQ problem while removing USB adapters (e.g., when
pulling a PCMCIA card with an OHCI on it).

Specifically, this call chain
usb_hcd_pci_remove -> hcd_buffer_destroy -> dma_pool_destroy
-> pool_free_page -> free_hot_cold_page -> IRQ -> usb_hcd_irq
results in a crash. That's not the immediate problem, though.

The problem is that wrapping usb_hcd_pci_remove() in a local_irq_save/
/restore *still* allows that interrupt to happen. I suspect that something
in that call chain sometimes calls the scheduler ..?

I assume that there are nice tools which find that call for me, and save
me from plowing through a lot of kernel code ..? I've never needed one of
those before. :-/

Matthias Urlichs | {M:U} IT Design @ |

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