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SubjectRe: Delay in a tasklet.
On 30/03/2005 12:50:01 linux-kernel-owner wrote:

>> I'd be interested in the answer as well. I have a driver which does
>> udelay(100), so no 1000 but anyway, and of course I end up having the
>> kernel happily crying. I'm moving to a little state-machine to allow
for a
>> multi-pass approach instead of busy-polling..
>> regards
>schedule_timeout() would come to mind.

Not from a tasklet. ;)

I had a custom primitive some time ago which I imaginatively named
taskletex. When scheduling a tasklet one could then specifiy a delay in
jiffies. If zero, a normal tasklet would be scheduled and if >0 a timer
would be added. Nothing fancy or special really, but it was useful for the
work I was doing at that time.

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