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Hi all,
Well there were a few kernel developers with blogs out there and
since all the cool kids have a planet aggregator I thought as the coolest
we should have one too... and Greg-KH luckly enough had thought the same
and registered the domain...

So now at

we have the aggregated blogs of :
Alan Cox, Dave Airlie, Dave Jones, David Woodhouse, Greg Kroah-Hartman,
James Morris, Pete Zaitcev and Robert Love.

I'd like to keep this to people who are active kernel
developers/maintainers, I'll use my judgement on any submissions :-), so
anyone else that wants to add a blog let me know, anyone wants one removed

Thanks to and Daniel Stone for setting up the vhosting,
Greg-KH for setting the domain, planetplanet for the software and me for
moving the bits into once place....

Any suggestions feedback, site redesigns, new icons (that is Tux in front
of pluto done by me in 5 mins in gimp...).. if someone wants the site
templates to improve them etc.. just drop me a mail...


David Airlie, Software Engineer / airlied at
Linux kernel - DRI, VAX / pam_smb / ILUG

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