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SubjectRe: RFC: 2.6.release.patchlevel: Patch against 2.6.release[.0] ?

Chris Wright wrote:
> The patches on in v2.6/ are already against the base (i.e.
> patch- is against 2.6.11). The patches in v2.6/incr/
> are incremental between -stable releases (i.e. patch- is
> against
I see. I had looked at the "Changelog" page on the home
page and only saw changes from> documented. I thought that
the Changelog documented the changes that were in the patch.

Maybe Changlog's that only document the current increment should be in the
"incr" directory as well and be named "Changelog-" (for the current
change log, while a cumulative change log from the base version should
be kept in the v2.6 dir?

I think having the Changelog link on the main page only documenting
the latest "incr", but having the patch containing everything from the base is
confusing. Am I the only one who might expect the Changelog to document what is
in the given increment, but the associated patch includes everything since the base?

It's a "nit", I know, but I prefer having the change-log and patch to match
w/respect to content.

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