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SubjectRe: Not a GCC bug (was Re: Big GCC bug!!! [Was: Re: Do not misuse Coverity please])
On Mar 30, 2005, at 20:12, Nick Piggin wrote:
> Why should this be in the kernel makefiles? If my_struct is NULL,
> then the kernel will never reach the if statement.

Well, I think there is probably some arch code that uses 16-bit
that might use a null pointer, or at least a struct that starts
at the 0 address, which would have problems. I think it would
be better to avoid that issue just in case, especially since
this optimization does not save anything in the case of properly
written code.

> A warning might be nice though.

If we could turn off the optimization and add a warning, I
would support that. Even if we could only add the warning, then
at least people would know.

Kyle Moffett

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