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Subject[PATCH] the nommu support for ARM linux 2.6.10
An updated MPU and noMMU support patch for ARM against linux 2.6.10 kernel
is available at :

You can select the memory management type "MPU" or "NONE" in the arm kernel
configuration menu, which was traditionally known as "armnommu" or
uClinux/ARM by 2.6.9. (sure, you can choose "MMU" for vanila Linux :-)

It's a different way from other uclinux arch. (i.e. m68knommu), which
enables simultaneous support to use "singular address space" support even
for MMU platforms.
You can choose "MMU" or "NONE" for your mmu based arm platform with a few
modification. i.e. virtual address --> physical address conversion.

the patch will be available in this week, and some benchmark
will be provided for both cases on a same h/w platform.
and addtional MPU support API is pending for some services like memory
protection, even for uClinux.

any suggesstions welcomed.

You can reach the project home at :

currently officially supported platforms are : s3c24a0, s5c7375, atmel,
espd_s3c510b, P2001, s3c3410, s3cb0x.
thanks for contribution : Tobias Lorenz and Jiun-Shian Ho


Engineer (Kernel/System Architecture)
Digital Media R&D Center, Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.
tel: +82-31-200-8594 fax: +82-31-200-3427
[Linux 2.6 ARM MPU/noMMU Kernel Maintainer]

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