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SubjectRe: [RFD] 'nice' attribute for executable files
Måns Rullgård wrote:
> It can be done entirely in userspace, if you want it. Just hack your
> shell to examine some extended attribute of your choice, and adjust
> the nice value before executing files. Then arrange to have the shell
> run with a negative nice value. This can be easily accomplished with
> a simple wrapper, only for the shell.

this method can be applied, as you've written, only for shell (which
have to be hacked before). so, every program that runs any other program
should be hacked to use pre-execution-renice-database. rewriting all the
programs in the world takes a bit more time than i have to the death.
woudn't it be simplier to implement it in kernel, somewhere near
setuid/setgid bits? if it would make system slower, support of such
attribute could be optional, just like acl-s.
i've found a way to perform such function in userland, but it is awful,
and, if some program runs another, that should be reniced, very often,
starting a shell (even ash) for each call will surely smoke my cpu.
this feature without doubt belongs to kernel - it is performed every
time kernel starts a program, and it is not so complicated like, let's
say, hotplug support, is it?

thx for replies

Maye the Source be with you.
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