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    SubjectRe: [request for inclusion] Filesystem in Userspace
    > > Do you have any objections to merging FUSE in mainline kernel?
    > >
    > > It's been in -mm for the 2.6.11 cycle, and the same code was released
    > > a month ago as FUSE-2.2. So it should have received a fair amount of
    > > testing, with no problems found so far.
    > >
    > > The one originally merged into -mm already addressed all major issues
    > > that people found (most importantly the OOM deadlock thing), and
    > > though there were some minor changes in the interface since then, I
    > > feel that the current kernel interface will stand up to the test of
    > > time.
    > Please give me or some other filesystem person some time to look over
    > it, there were a few things that looked really fishy.

    Please do. Although I think the most complex part of FUSE is the
    device handling, which is not really "filesystem" code. The
    filesystem part is mostly really straightforward.

    Still the more people look at it, the better.

    > And apologies for not having time to look at it earlier, but I'm a little
    > bit too busy right now.

    Take your time, I don't want to hurry merging into mainline, but
    things went very quiet lately on the bug front.

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