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SubjectRe: RFD: Kernel release numbering
On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 11:29:07 +0100, Prakash Punnoor <> wrote:
> And if you want bug reports, make it easier for the user. I know there is a
> txt file in the kernel src dir, but it would be better, if there would be a
> complete script which gets all possible need infos itself. Then user driven
> input could be minimized.

Yup, having an interactive script that produce a bug-report-date.txt
file would be great.
Furthemore I don't understand why bugzilla is not used as the main
bug reporting tool.

> Furthermore many users are simple afraid to post to lkml. (They report to
> forums, but don't want to report to lkml.) Even I often tend to think: Ok, I
> came across a small bug. Should I post it or should I wait till next rc?
> Usually I wait, because I feel like getting on people's nerves when I post
> every little tidbit. Esp if bugreports seem to get ignored motivation goes
> down to report again...
> Nevertheless, for a fun loving desktop user, I enjoy the pace the linux kernel
> is evolving. It was so "boring" the 2.4 days. But on the other hand linux
> kernel now tends to break various things with each release. I think esp nvidia
> users now about it...

Nvidia binary driver is a totaly different problem.

Paolo <paolo dot ciarrocchi at gmail dot com>
hello: ciarrop
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