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    SubjectRe: Disc driver is module, software suspend fails
    On Tue, 29 Mar 2005, Pavel Machek wrote:

    > You insmod driver for your swap device, then you echo device numbers
    > to /sys... then initiate resume.

    So you're saying, let the machine come all the way up, log in as root,
    "echo 8:5 > /sys/power/resume" (I think that was the name), then "echo
    resume > /sys/power/state"? Hmm, you would have to bypass "swapon -a",
    e.g. boot with the -b kernel parameter.

    Or I'll bet one could do something equivalent in the initrd -- much more
    user friendly. But the friendliest of all would be if the swsusp resume
    call were not a late_initcall but rather were called just before the root
    was mounted, after the initrd (if any) had loaded whatever modules. I
    think you're confirming that that approach would not blow up the kernel --
    if it will work with the root mounted and user space in full roar (well,
    skimpy roar with the -b switch), then it's got to be OK at the earlier

    I'll see what I can do.

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