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SubjectRe: RFC: 2.6.release.patchlevel: Patch against 2.6.release[.0] ?
* L. A. Walsh ( wrote:
> Given the frequency with which stabilization patches may be released, it
> may not be practical to expect users to catch each release announcement
> and download each patch.
> Especially if small patches are released for stability, as one might
> (hopefully) expect. Assuming that stability and "fix-it" patches will
> generally be small (I'd hope). Seeing that the latest "fix-it" patch
> is already at ".6", I'd have to load multiple patches to catch up from
> 2.6.11. I blinked my eyes and missed a few or 5 previous stability
> patches, so I just downloaded the entire bzip...not a biggie, but
> might create less load on servers if I didn't need to go through 6
> patch applications to get current.

The patches on in v2.6/ are already against the base (i.e.
patch- is against 2.6.11). The patches in v2.6/incr/
are incremental between -stable releases (i.e. patch- is

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